No 6. 36x48
Bluebells 48x36
Some Days, Depending on the Day, I cant See the Trees for the Wood
Lunch in Texas 40x30
Still Life with Temptations 36x24
Still Life with Bread and Confectionary after Flegel 34x24
Lady Clothes
That guy in Starbucks with a Venti and a Fitbit
The Year Spring Sprung Early
And Then He Said There was Kindness There
Hefer Küchen
Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea, or that Little Bit of Something In Between I
Durham From the Archives $900
Where the Heart Is
Lorna Just Always Wanted a Water Feature
Summer in the Park 22x30
No 2 in Rachel a Laurens' Excellent Summer Adventure
Food Pride II
When I Dream of Wellington, do you see me There?
The Frangipani Tree II
I always Wanted to paint a Blue Landscape
Amy's Last Meal Before India
Love in the Form of Hyacinth and Pineapple, with Water.
Rosannas I
Rosannas II
The Travellers
The Morning After the Night Before
Shaken but not Stirred
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