Some Days, Depending on the Day, I cant See the Trees for the Wood
Seriously Seeking Sweetness
Hefer Küchen
Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea, or that Little Bit of Something In Between I
Durham From the Archives $900
Where the Heart Is
Lorna Just Always Wanted a Water Feature
Frida and I on a Snow Day $4000
Summer in the Park 22x30
No 2 in Rachel a Laurens' Excellent Summer Adventure
Food Pride II
When I Dream of Wellington, do you see me There?
The Frangipani Tree II
The Year Spring Sprung Early
I always Wanted to paint a Blue Landscape
Amy's Last Meal Before India
Love in the Form of Hyacinth and Pineapple, with Water.
Rosannas I
Rosannas II
The Travellers
The Morning After the Night Before
Shaken but not Stirred
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