Artist Statement

My work for me is most similar to that of a poet who writes about the everyday, but instead of wordplay, I am expressing my experience of life in paint. For me it is always of primary importance that images hold narrative. I am reflecting on the sense of belonging we all long for, no matter what the environment might be, it is always a home to someone, the cycle of a life lived. My most recent work I am setting out to capture the story in the shifting tide of the world around me, always driven by the narrative I find behind that image. The slow decay of a building once vital and a hub of activity, and the beauty of nature in relation to urban demise. Or the sudden arrival of farming and chickens to our urban environment, a shifting tide of values in the ways we live.

As I explore the local landscapes, I will always find myself drawn to the longing I hold for my own landscape of New Zealand. These narratives run steadily through my work, weaving in and out for me visual poems of my life experience. My New Zealand paintings are ones of rest and a deep sense of my own belonging.

The body of work previous to this, of interiors was also narrative landscape exploration. But the landscape was about the objects people collect the tepmoral and spacial aspect and what they describe of a subject. Interiors as portraits.


Rachel Campbell is originally from New Zealand, and has been living in the USA since 2003. She studied art in both New Zealand and Canada, and has also spent time living and exhibiting in the UK and Germany.

Rachel also exhibits with Mahler Gallery Raleigh, Tyndall Gallery Chapel Hill, Craven Allen Gallery Durham, and other regional galleries in group shows. Her work is in private and public collections in over a dozen countries.


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